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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your software development rates?
System Design - $50 per hour
Development - $40 per hour
Data entry - $25 per hour
Graphic design - $100 per logo or graphic

U4SS is also available for project work at an agreed upon price.
Discounts are also available with monthly aggreements.

What is included with system design?
During this phase, a designer from U4SS will meet with you to help determine exactly what you are looking for in your system. This includes gathering the requirements for the software so that both parties can agree on what will be provided.

For large parjects, the design phase typically amounts to about 50% of the total project.
Smaller project often require less design.

What is involved with development?
This is the actual coding of the software. Developers at U4SS with use the information and requirements gathered during the design phase to create your software.

For large parjects, the development typically amounts to about 50% of the total project.

What is involved with Data Entry?
Once a new system is implemented, it is often required to populate data into the system. Examples of this might be part numbers, customer information, or vendor information. U4SS has resources available to perform these tasks.

Sun Tours' website is a good example. The tour information must be input into the system on a monthly basis.

U4SS offers data entry services for any application, not just systems built by us.

Can you write macros for office software?
Since most of today's popular office software allows custom macros, these are an ideal way to perform repetative tasks. U4SS has experience writing macros that can easliy be added to applications you use everyday.

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