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Web Development

Make the world your customer!

You've heard about the advantages of the internet, why not take advantage of it yourself.

Setting up a presence on the web is relatively inexpensive, and the rewards can be incredable. U4SS can create or update your site to include on-line product catalogs, shopping carts and even accept credit card payments.

We specalize in creating a site that you control. Need to make a change to your catalog? Other companies charge a fee to make those changes for you. U4SS will build your site so you can make those changes yourself, so you can update your content as many times as you like with no extra fees.

  • Show the world what you've got with a dynamic on-line catalog.
  • Save time by making updates yourself.
  • Update content anywhere with a password protected admin area.
  • Make sales on-line and cut out the middle man.
  • Monitor popularity with custom reporting.

  • Strabell - Total Foot Comfort
    Strabell wanted it all, and they have it all!!
    They feature an on-line catalog that they maintain. They also have an advanced shopping cart that processes payments in realtime. Combine that with features such as advanced cross-selling features, on-line UPS package tracking, EDI integration and other custom features and they have a site even the "big companies" can envy.

  • Correll Wood Products
    Correll Wood Products started out with a standard on-line brochure where they simply displayed their catalog. Once the owners realized their site was becoming a valuable marketing tool, they asked U4SS to update it. Now their site contains a complete catalog that they maintain themselves. By allowing customers to place their order on-line, Correll was able to remove barriers that might have prevented customers from placing an order.

  • Wee Seats
    Custom programming to display your order
    Wee Seats offers a variety of products, each of which having multiple combinations of options. U4SS designed and implemented custom coding to show the customer an image of the chair they are purchasing. Once at the site, go to a chair and change your options. The image will update to display exactly what you have chosen.

  • All These Comics
    All These Comics is our own site that we use to showcase our abilities.
    We've included a number of features that have been proven to generate sales. This is also one of our more graphic intensive and stylized site.

  • Sun Tours
    Sun Tours wanted to showcase there tours on-line while keeping down costs. Click schedules and you will notice there on-line catalog. They even have the ability to upload and add images to tour details. All tours and content on their page is maintained by them, excluding the home page.

    note - Sun Tours has ceased operations and closed it's website. This link is to a replica of that site.

  • Carolina Specialty Tools
    CST had an existing site with which they were very happy. However, it only contained static information that was difficult and expensive to update. U4SS was able to maintain the look and feel of the original site, while adding the flexability for CST to showcase there ever-growing catalog.

  • Concord Baptist Church
    CBC had a site that was generating decent traffic but began to wane when updates were not made regularly. U4SS redesigned the site and implemented an administration system to quickly and easily update every aspect of the web site.

  • Run South Caldwell
    Run South Caldwell uses a scaled down version of U4SS' administration software that is used in Concord Baptist Church.

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